Beautiful high quality furniture from Distinctive Interiors in Rock Hill, SC

If you want to decorate your home with a high quality, elegant  look, but have a somewhat limited budget for furniture and decorative accessories, you may feel as though your decorating options are limited.   Annie Bratton, owner of Distinctive Interiors in Rock Hill, SC knows that you don't need to skimp on quality because your funds are limited, and you  aren't forced to choose inexpensive room-in-a-box furniture that won't last.    Call Distinctive Interiors for a free consultation and ideas to help you get the best quality furniture and accessories available at fantastic prices!  

A certified interior designer and personal shopper, Annie represents manufacturers and distributors of some of the finest furniture available, and can share  her knowledge and experience to put beautiful, discounted designer furniture in your home.  

“When you shop in a furniture store, you see only what that particular merchant offers.  But when you shop for furniture  at Distinctive Interiors, you have the benefit of being able to look at and choose from the design options available from a wide array of high end furniture and decor manufacturers who offer designs for everyones’ taste.  

 Call today for a private decorating consultation  ..... we can do wonders within your budget!


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